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SysMik is the "Innovation Center Building Technology" for the Phoenix Contact Group.
We are focused in development and production of hardware and software for efficient building automation.
Our customers appreciate the reliability, flexibility and service-friendliness of our components.

SysMik - Future by Experience

  • Since October 2015 SysMik belongs to Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co KG. Within the Phoenix Contact group of companies, SysMik is the Technological Competence Center for Building Automation. Countless satisfied customers worldwide, many thousands of controllers in a wide variety of applications, whether in building automation, industrial plants, distributed real estate, public infrastructure or data centers, confirm our reputation as an innovative company today.
  • With more than 25 years of experience as a developer and manufacturer of control solutions, SysMik GmbH Dresden is one of the world's leading partners in the automation industry. In particular, our expertise with open, programmable systems based on open technologies such as the Niagara framework as well as BACnet, DALI and web technologies stand for efficiency and efficiency with optimum user comfort.
  • All development and manufacturing processes are subject to quality management according to ISO 9001:2015. SysMik undergoes regular controls to ensure compliance with these standards.
  • Jörg Nolte is the managing director in Dresden since 1 January 2018 and works closely with the Phoenix Contact team "Building Infrastructure" and the development departments. "Above all, we're dealing with the newest software developments that are driven by the Internet and web technologies," he says.
Networking together!

Discontinued products 2020 - UPDATE

Some device series of older SysMik products will be discontinued.
Please read the updated End-Of-Life information in detail!

Innovation Services

Our Innovation Services for You:

Building IoT

IoT-enabled buildings enable more efficient planning and better asset and energy management that uses real-time data to make informed decisions.

Energy Management

Monitoring and management of energy usage enables efficient service and power utilisation, resulting in cost reduction, better asset management and site performance.


System openness, reliability and comfortable handling combined with long-term availability of all devices characterize building automation products by SysMik.


The Emalytics building automation software is flexible, open and fully programmable, while easy to engineer and operate by a simple drag and drop. The system is optimally flexible to allow minimized installation and operating costs as well as a high level of security against failure.

SysMik Products

Examples of current developments for the Phoenix Contact group of companies:

Building Management


  • IoT Building management system
  • Building visualization
  • Energy monitoring
  • Energy optimization
  • Analysis and control
Phoenix Contact

Counter Terminal


  • M-Bus for up to 30 devices
  • 300 ... 19200 Baud adjustable
  • Parameterizable via process data
  • Process data width 16 words
  • Diagnostic and status displays
Phoenix Contact

DALI Master terminal


  • DALI master
  • Integrated DALI bus supply
  • Extendable by 3 IB IL DALI-PAC
  • Up to 64 ballasts addressable
  • Safe electrical DALI bus isolation
Phoenix Contact

DALI Extension


  • extends IB IL DALI/PWR-PAC
  • without internal DALI bus supply
  • protected against mains voltage
  • Diagnostic and status indicators
  • safe isolated DALI bus
Phoenix Contact

DALI Multi-Master


  • DALI master
  • switchable DALI supply
  • 2- /3-Byte DALI commands
  • single- / multi-master operation
  • safe electrical DALI bus isolation
Phoenix Contact

Relay terminal

IB IL 24/230 DOR4/HC-PAC

  • 4 floating connections
  • nominal current 10 A
  • bistable relays (configurable)
  • Diagnostic and status indicators
Phoenix Contact

Analog Input terminal


  • Voltage inputs 0 V ... 10 V
  • Temperature measurement
  • Connections in 2-wire technology
  • Diagnostic and status indicators
Phoenix Contact

S0 Counter inputs


  • 8 digital inputs
  • 32-Bit counter (up-/down)
  • Load (per sensor): max. 250 mA
  • Load (from terminal): max. 2 A
  • Counter frequency max. 150 Hz
Phoenix Contact

Inline Function Terminal


  • MP-Bus-Master
  • Connection of up to 16 MP-Bus devices
  • Diagnostic and status indicators
  • MP-Bus (Belimo® Automation AG)
Phoenix Contact


Our compact controller series SCC* and LCC*
*) Note: SCC-6xx series controllers are discontinued as of 2020-06-30.
*) Note: LCC-4xx series controllers are discontinued as of 2020-12-30.
Please read the End-Of-Life information!


Sedona Controllers SCC

Most devices of our compact field controller series SCC* are available as usual for existing projects. Details, manuals, firmware downloads here


LON Controllers LCC

Most types of our compact LON controller series LCC* are available as usual for existing projects. Details, manuals, firmware downloads are available here

Product Archive

Since the beginning of 2018, SysMik has concentrated increasingly on the development of new hardware and software for building automation and building IoT.
In this context, we are gradually discontinuing the independent production of hardware. Production of our current and future products will take place at Phoenix Contact.
Documentations and manuals of our previous product range can be found in the overviews behind the following links.



The modular controller series Scalibur is the forerunner of the ILC 2050 BI series by Phoenix Contact. All details, manuals and firmware here

Inline Terminals

Inline Terminals

Extending our Inline controller series ICS and Scalibur - now available by Phoenix Contact. Manuals and data sheets ...


Modular LON Controllers ICS

Our classic LonWorks product range has been discontinued. Manuals and data sheets for endurance runners are still available here


LON Controllers / Multi IO Modules

Our classic LonWorks product range has been discontinued. Manuals and data sheets for endurance runners are still available here


LON Infrastructure Components

Our classic LonWorks product range has been discontinued. Manuals and data sheets for endurance runners are still available here


IPOCS LON Programming System

Our classic LonWorks product range has been discontinued. Manuals and data sheets for endurance runners are still available here


Niagara Controllers

The Niagara integration platforms of the INTES series have been discontinued. Technical documents and AddOns can be found here if required

Frequently Asked Questions

What customers, users and website visitors want to know ...

  • Building automation is the automatic centralized control of a building's heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and other systems through a building management system or building automation system (BAS).

  • The objectives of building automation are improved user comfort, efficient operation of building systems, reduction in energy consumption and operating costs, and improved life cycle of utilities.

  • SysMik is active as the Technology Competence Center for Building Automation for the Phoenix Contact Group. This includes development, production, support and product management for building automation products within the group.

  • The IoT-based building management system Emalytics combines management, control and energy monitoring in an intelligent platform. This enables needs-based control, evaluation and use of the data to optimize supply processes in buildings.

  • Building owners, building managers, system operators and maintenance teams use building automation systems, e.g. to record energy consumption data, occupancy data and the operation of HVAC systems.
    With the advent of intelligent buildings, Emalytics' building automation solution integrates HVAC, lighting, energy, security, fire, electromobility and multimedia in a single interface.
    The Emalytics software is characterized by building automation applications with visualization, trend recording, error detection, analysis and mobile access.

  • SysMik will continue to support existing clients. New customers are welcome to contact our sales subsidiaries in 50 countries worldwide. For more information please contact info@phoenixcontact.de via email.

    The modular Scalibur controller series is continued in the ILC 2050 BI series and is available from Phoenix Contact.

    SysMik continues to supply the compact field controller series SCC* (Sedona) and LCC (LON) to supplement existing projects and plants.
    *) Note: SCC-6xx series controllers are discontinued.

    For all other product groups, end-of-life deadlines apply until the end of production or delivery. Please note the discontinuation notes further on.

  • We are currently developing SysMik into the Phoenix Contact Group's center of competence and innovation for building automation. in this context, we will part with some of our business areas and focus our profile increasingly on the development of innovative new products. For the following product groups, end-of-life deadlines apply until the end of production or delivery. Please note the following notices of discontinuation (PDF files):
    - LON-Infrastrukturkomponenten
    - kompakte LON-Controller
    - modulare ICS-Controller / grafisches Programmiersystem IPOCS
    - Niagara-Controller INTES-3 / INTES-6
    - Niagara Controller INTES-8000
    - additional End-Of-Life information 2020

  • Details to replacement can be found in our general terms and conditions for warranty and guaranty cases. Products from the range of our modular Scalibur controllers and terminals are now available from Phoenix Contact. Our SCA-340 controllers are continued with the Phoenix-Contact designation "ILC 2050 BI", our ILT terminals are available as the "IB IL" series.

    For supplement products please contact Phoenix Contact for a wide range of products available worldwide.

Management Team

Despite all mechanization - the personal contact to our partners and customers is and remains a high concern for us; no matter if it is about criticism, new project ideas or your questions - we are there for you!

Jörg Nolte

General Manager


Steffen Mehnert

Director Development


Einat Ditze

Director Product Management



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